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Our upcoming gallery exhibition features a captivating selection of Asian Sculpture.

For this year, the exhibition showcases rare portraits of monastic and religious figures from the Himalaya region, an impressive limestone stele from Uzbekistan, and several important Thai bronzes, as well as a curated selection of Hindu, Jain and Buddhist sculpture made throughout the Asian continent. Below you can find a selection of highlights. We hope to welcome you to our gallery in Antwerp, Lange Gasthuisstraat 28.

26 November – 9 December 2022
Monday to Sunday 11AM – 6PM
or by appointment


Central Tibet, Lhasa, 1650-1675 AD.
Copper alloy with original gilding
height: 11cm.

Collection Mr. L. Verleye, Belgium, before 1977
Collection of a former Belgian diplomat Mr. A. Becks, Belgium, until 2022

Armand Neven, Lamaistic Art: Exhibition organised in conjunction with the “Nepalese Belgian Friendship”, Brussels, 1975, p.32, fig.58

Jeannine Auboyer and Gilles Béguin (eds.), Dieux et demons de l’Himâlaya: Art du Bouddhisme lamaïque, Grand Palais, Paris, 1977, p.244-245, fig.286; Tibet: Kunst des Buddhismus, Haus der Kunst, Münich, 1977, fig.286

Société Générale de Banque; Brussels, 15 May – 13 June, 1975: Lamaistic Art: Exhibition organised in conjunction with the “Nepalese Belgian Friendship”

Grand Palais, Paris, France 25 March – 27 June 1977: Dieux et demons de l’Himâlaya: Art du Bouddhisme lamaïque

Haus der Kunst, Münich, Germany, 5 August – 16 October 1977: Tibet: Kunst des Buddhismus



Thailand, Chieng Mai, Lan Na kingdom, circa 1500
Bronze cast in the lost wax method
height: 34cm.

Private collection, Switzerland


Nepal, Early Malla period ca 1300 AD.
Gilded copper alloy, gilded, inlaid semi-precious stones
height 29,5 cm.

Collection Mr. Jean-Claude Tobailem, before 1983
Collection Dr. Jean-Michel Pons, 1983 – 2022

Expertise Jean-Luc Estournel, member of the French CNE, dated 5 May 2022